Some Secrets Of Gauri & SRK

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SRK says: "Whenever I think of our relationship... I think the one word that comes to the mind is ‘space’. Being an actor’s wife... or a public figure’s partner is not an easy place to be. There are impositions on time and space that take away most of what is considered a normal relationship between a couple. Also I am not an easy person to deal with.

Shah Rukh Gauri

I come with all the trappings of complexity, over-sensitivity and self-obsession which a movie star is made up of. It’s a parallel life and emotion that most do not understand. To be able to deal with it you need someone who can be patient, understanding and mostly a friend who knows when to enter or leave that parallel universe.

Shah Rukh With Family

Gauri has somehow balanced that admirably, without making it feel like an effort or a favour. It’s a relationship from her side of being extremely selfless in a very selfish environment. Maintaining a dignity in a publicity-crazy world."

Shah Rukh Gauri

Gauri says - "Shah Rukh is a very thoughtful, kind and gentle man. He is a great husband and a great father. He has never said ‘no’ to me for anything. He is so good to my family, my parents, my brother and sister-in-law. He looks after them so much that I could never do even one per cent of what he has done for us, and for his family".

Shah Rukh Gauri


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